Email Nurture

Our main goal as a team is to provide quality leads that will later convert into trialists for WorkflowMax, and we do this through our content strategy. As we put investment into top of the funnel (TOFU) content we want to make sure that those leads continue down through the funnel and convert. This can be tricky and we noticed that WorkflowMax had some leaks in their marketing funnel that needed to be plugged. 

We observed that there was room for exploration, customization and experimentation with a new email nurture. 

We have leads that were engaging with content and the product, and we needed to make sure they were being properly nurtured to get them through the funnel. We developed a customized 7-stage email nurture to help with the process.

As the designer I had the opportunity to push and experiment with the WorkflowMax brand. We determined that we wanted this to be a modern, dynamic email nurture, one that would stand out in customer’s inboxes. Through our research of email campaigns and the previous output by WorkflowMax we determined the following key design elements.

Key Design Decisions:

  • The masthead should be big, green, bright and take up all the space above the fold.
  • The copy for the masthead should be engaging and to the point.
  • Each email should be different but still in line with the brand and align with Xero's core brand.
  • The CTA should be direct and include a product image - no ambiguity.
  • The content should useful - we don’t want to waste customers time

The final product has been a visual success for the brand, and we’re currently in the process of collecting data to see exactly how the emails are performing.

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