WorkflowMax Newsletter

WorkflowMax didn’t have a monthly newsletter and as a team we saw a missed opportunity that if properly shipped would allow for promotion of WorkflowMax content, create brand awareness, and strengthen our relationship with our customer base. But we know that most newsletters never get opened—slowly they fill your inbox, never to be read, hoping for a moment that you might find the time to open it. We had a challenge on our hands.

For WorkflowMax we wanted to make sure that our newsletter would not just be passed over or forgotten about. Together with our content marketer we determined that the newsletter had to hit these three design goals.

  1. Be relevant
  2. Be easily digestible
  3. Be beautiful

With that in mind we designed a newsletter that opens with a beautiful feature image, contains no more than three resources, and adheres to an overarching theme. Happy to report that since starting the newsletter in June 2020, we’ve had month-over-month results that are consistently over 30% for open rate.

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