In close collaboration with Vanessa Toye and the team at Pai we designed the brand identity and exterior signage for their restaurant Kiin. 

Kiin is Chef Nuit’s love letter to her home country of Thailand. Through a beautiful menu of dishes the restaurant captures the hospitality and flavours found all over Thailand. The logo is an extension of that hospitality and care. The word Kiin means “to eat” so we developed a wordmark that felt very full and bountiful but also expresses  the elegance of the menu. 

The exterior signage, produced in collaboration with signmaker Ian Milne, is an expression of the complexity of the flavours, the restaurant interiors and the brand itself. We took the brand’s geometric pattern and created a 3D relief that is inspired by Thai decorative wooden screens. In the centre is the Kiin wordmark in gleaming brass, backlit and shining bright against a mangosteen purple background.

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